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Coach Training

Elevate Your Coaching Journey:

ACC Certification Made Accessible!

Welcome to our Coach Training Program, tailored to fulfill the exacting prerequisites for achieving Associate Certified Coach (ACC) registration with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

If your goal is to attain ACC certification and join the ranks of skilled and recognized coaches, you've arrived at the right destination.

Our meticulously crafted training program comprehensively addresses the ICF's core competencies and code of ethics, ensuring you are well-prepared to meet ACC standards.

Explore the journey that leads to your ACC registration and start on the path to professional coaching excellence.


Associate Certified Coach Requirements

  • 60 hours of training (completed)

  • 7 hours of small group mentoring (Small group of 3 x 5 sessions ; Small group of 4 x 4 sessions)

  • 3 hours of 1:1 mentoring (a 40-minute recording and transcript needs to be provided to Theone to assess, after which a 1:1 session will be scheduled – this will occur 7-10 days post receiving the recording and transcript. Once Theone is happy that the recording & transcript meet the ICF requirements a final 1:1 coaching session is used to submit the application to ICF and prepare for the exam).

  • 3-hour exam which consists of 180 multiple-choice questions covering ICF Ethics, Standards, and Values.

Audio Recording

  • The recording must be an audio only file (no video/pictures). The following file types are acceptable: MP3, WMA, MP4, or M4A (audio) format. Other formats will not be accepted.

  • The audio file must be in one part. Multiple files for one coaching session will not be reviewed.

  • The audio file must be 95 megabytes (MB) or less. Use a lower bit rate to decrease file size, if needed.

  • Applicants must upload the actual audio file to the application. Providing a URL to download or stream audio recordings will not be accepted.

  • File names must use only letters and numbers. In order to avoid issue when uploading the files, do not include special characters in the file name (? / | \ ! @ # = $ % +).


  • The transcript must be a word-for-word (verbatim) record of the coaching session, submitted in the language in which the session is held.

  • The transcript must indicate who is speaking — the coach or the client — at any time in the conversation.

  • List the coach’s statements and the client’s statements on separate lines of the transcript.

  • The transcript must include timestamps at every change in speaker (coach and client).

  • Transcripts must be submitted as a Word document (e.g., .doc, .docx). No other file formats will be accepted.

  • When naming file(s), applicants must ensure that only letters and numbers are used in file names. In order to avoid issues when uploading the file, do not include special characters in the document name (i.e., ? / | \ ! @ # = $ % +)


The ICF Credentialing Exam content covers four broad domains: Foundation, Co-Creating the Relationship, Communicating Effectively, and Cultivating Learning and Growth.


Exam questions cover the four domains accordingly as outlined below. Domain: Foundation

  • 13% - Competency: Demonstrates Ethical Practice

  • 12% - Competency: Embodies a Coaching Mindset

Domain: Co-Creating the Relationship

  • 12% - Competency: Establishes and Maintains Agreements

  • 13% - Competency: Cultivates Trust and Safety

  • 13% - Competency: Maintains Presence

Domain: Communicating Effectively

  • 12% - Competency: Listens Actively

  • 13% - Competency: Evokes Awareness

Domain: Cultivating Learning and Growth

  • 12% Facilitates Client Growth

Exam Format and Delivery

Computer-Based Testing Delivery. The ICF Credentialing Exam is computer-based. Testing takes place at testing centers selected and confirmed by the testing vendor (Pearson VUE) or through Pearson’s OnVUE remote proctored testing service.

Exams are scheduled for a total of three hours with the total exam time organized into the following sections:

Exam Format

1: Candidate Non-Disclosure Agreement: Untimed

2: Introduction & Instructions: 3 minutes

3: Exam Section 1 (41 items): 87 minutes

4: Scheduled Break: 5 minutes

5: Exam Section 2 (40 items): 85 minutes

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