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Meet the Team 

Discover the dynamic duo behind People Capital Consultants: Theone and Leon Conradie. With their wealth of experience spanning across borders and continents, they have crafted a legacy of excellence in the realms of business consultancy. 

From the vibrant landscapes of South Africa to the sun-kissed shores of Australia, Theone and Leon have left an indelible mark on the industry. Their journey began with the establishment of a boutique consulting practice, where they honed their craft and perfected their art. Now, their expertise knows no bounds as they extend their services internationally. 

They have been the guiding light for countless organizations, helping them achieve greatness in the face of challenges. And they have navigated the diverse terrains of Manufacturing, Mining, Financial Services, Transport and Warehousing, Education, and both the public and private sectors. 

Armed with qualifications in commerce and organizational psychology, Theone and Leon possess a rare blend of strategic acumen and an understanding of the human element. They have passion for unlocking the potential within human capital – the beating heart of any successful business. 

Theone Conradie 

Lead Consultant & Executive Coach

Theone’s academic prowess shines with a bachelor’s degree in both Clinical and Organizational Psychology, complemented by an MBA, a true powerhouse in the realm of leadership and organizational resilience. Currently on a remarkable quest to complete her doctorate at Curtin University, Theone draws upon three decades of practical experience, cultivating resilience in leaders and forging sustainable solutions. Her extensive background includes collaborating with multinational giants like Cadbury Schweppes, General Motors, Ernst and Young, BHP, and Rio Tinto, gifting her with a deep understanding of the critical importance of mental well-being and safety for leaders and their teams. ​Distinguished as a Professional Certified Coach by the esteemed International Coaching Federation, Theone’s impact is far-reaching. From designing and delivering leadership development programs to spearheading initiatives that elevate health, safety, well-being, and foster cultural and behavioral shifts, Theone’s work and transformative influence has guided leaders at all levels across continents. ​With her unparalleled insights, empathetic approach, and unwavering commitment, she empowers individuals and organizations to conquer the challenges of today’s complex world and unlock their true potential. 

Leon Conradie

Lead Consultant & Executive Coach

An exceptional business management professional and a strategic problem solver: Leon Conradie. With a diverse background and a wealth of experience, Leon has consistently delivered exceptional results by facilitating, leading, and implementing transformative programs across various industries in both the public and private sectors. ​As a strategic thinker, Leon thrives on tackling complex challenges and providing innovative solutions. His impressive record of accomplishment in solving wicked problems and delivering value-adding outcomes is a testament to his skills and expertise. ​Drawing upon his extensive experience in strategic, operational, and human resources domains, Leon brings a unique perspective to his coaching approach. His holistic understanding of organizational dynamics enables him to design and execute programs that drive sustainable growth and transformation. 

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